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Launching The Meech Group

The Meech Group is a collection of world-leading and talented individuals, with expertise including mining engineering, artisanal and small-scale mining, community development, alternative livelihoods, agriculture, policy, indigenous peoples and rights, and environmental sustainability. The Meech Group is to be formally launched at a reception in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday 26th January.

Chris Anderson and Croesus Projects were key organisers of the Meech International Symposium on Sustainable Mining and Processing at the Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit and Exhibition, held at the Turkish resort Antalya in early October 2015. This symposium was dedicated to the memory of Prof. John Meech, a long-time colleague and staunch supporter of environmental initiatives who sadly passed away in Feb 2015. The Meech Symposium was attended by 40 scientists, government officials and business people who had a common interest in mining and community development. Out of this event has come the ‘Meech Group’ a global think tank that has a unique opportunity to target and solve many of the problems that arise through conflict between communities and large scale mines in developing countries.

Watch this website for more detail.


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