July 9, 2019

Earlier this year I was fortunate to participate in the inception workshop for the Integrated Sound Management of Mercury in Indonesia’s Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining (GOLD-ISMIA) project. ISMIA is the Indonesia component of a global programme, funded by the GE...

October 11, 2018

Its not about science, it’s about livelihoods and mindsets

Today I’ve been in the south of Dompu District on the Indonesian Island of Sumbawa, talking with farmers who are keen to grow fruit and vegetables (horticulture). The traditional farming systems in this part of...

September 18, 2017

As I write this blog I am at 39,000 feet on an AirNZ plane between Sydney and Auckland returning home after a very productive and fulfilling 10 days in Lombok and Sumbawa Islands (Province of West Nusa Tenggara Barat or NTB) and Jakarta, Indonesia.

I made this visit as...

April 2, 2017

The idea of using plants to farm metals can no longer be considered new. Phytomining (as it is technically known) was first talked about in the 1990s, when scientists recognised that some plant species naturally accumulate abnormally high concentrations of certain meta...

June 2, 2016

News of Peru’s ‘State of Emergency’ over artisanal and small scale gold mining (ASGM) related pollution in part of the Amazon has received wide-spread public and social-media exposure over the past week.  The scale of this pollution is staggering: the impact...

March 18, 2016

Over recent years, I have been very fortunate to find myself in a position of leadership for ‘international development projects’. This is a very broad term, and one which I feel poorly qualified to define. But in the context of my work, I take this to mean projects wh...

March 1, 2016


Massey University is lending its expertise to help Indonesian farmers build capability and to realise long-term sustainable development goals. The four year Indonesian agribusiness development project was launched on the 22nd February at the University of Mataram on t...

February 19, 2016

In funding results announced today by the New Zealand Government’s Catalyst Fund, the Phytocat collaboration between University of York in the UK, University of British Columbia in Canada, and Chris Anderson, was awarded NZ$300,000. This two-year project will further d...

January 29, 2016

The Meech Working Group was formally launched to the international community at a sustainability reception hosted by the Vancouver company SEF Canada Ltd on Tuesday, 26th Jan.


The Meech Group was described by Project Lead Dr. Chris Anderson as a collection of individua...

January 23, 2016

The Meech Group is a collection of world-leading and talented individuals, with expertise including mining engineering, artisanal and small-scale mining, community development, alternative livelihoods, agriculture, policy, indigenous peoples and rights, and environment...

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GOLD-ISMIA: A new push to evolve small-scale mining in Indonesia

July 9, 2019

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