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Pathway to Healing

Healing is a function of science and culture working together. Science provides technology and strategies that target exposure pathways and risk. Whakapapa relationships support delivery and communication of science to respond to the concerns people have for contaminated land. 

Bioremediation is the use of plants and microorganisms to break down
dioxin and PCP in the soil. This is a natural process that can be accelerated
using technology. Successful bioremediation of a contaminated site is
pivotal to upholding the mana and mauri of iwi, hapū, whanau and our







Pathway to HealingMarama
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Management plans for a contaminated site:

Are a reference guide to support communication and education of Whanau
and trustees who have responsibility for contaminated land.

A management plan provides basic information on site history, describes
the contamination using known science, and proposes strategies to manage
exposure pathways and mitigate risk.

Management plans for three different contaminated sites are being
developed by Te Ohu Mō Papatūānuku: Orini Gate, Mill Road, Toroa Marae.

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