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Gathering Information

Regional and district councils hold available information on contaminated
land across New Zealand.

Where can you find information on contaminated land in the Whakatane
district?  Right Here!

Known wood waste sites in Whakatane are described on the maps below; for more information see the Bay of Plenty Regional Council Website


Q I’m concerned about my land, but there is no information available. How
can I find out more?


A The only true way to find out if land is contaminated with dioxin or PCP is to test the soil. This should be done after consultation with people trained in this area of science. Te Ohu Mō Papatūānuku holds a record of experts who can help 

Diagnosing the seriousness of contaminated land requires consideration of
environmental, economic, social and cultural factors. The conversations you
have in this process start you on your journey of healing.

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