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Croesus offers environmental consultancy, advocacy and education under the management of its principal scientist, Dr. Chris Anderson.  (Publication record >>)

Croesus specialises in trace element environmental geochemistry.  The company's focus area is environmental pollution related to mining and industrial operations.  Croesus has specific capability and competency in environmental impact assessments and phytoremediation.  We design phytoremediation solutions based on identified social, economic and environmental needs.  Croesus' scientists have working experience in New Zealand, China, Indonesia and Mexico.


Croesus is a founding investor of New Zealand gold phytomining company Tiaki International Ltd., as well as a founding member of the Brooks Group (NZ), a 'think tank' for global environmental issues.

Company Profile

Croesus Projects Ltd. (Croesus) is an environmentally focused, New Zealand consultancy and investment company, launched in 2005...  
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